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A Boards come in a varaiety of shapes and sizes.  The very best A boards and pavement signs are the ones that convey your message to the passing trade and footfall concisely and with maximum impact!.


A Frame Pavement Signs

These have the advantage of being foldable, so are easy to store when not in use. Posters are held in place magnetically or by a snap shut poster frame. Alternatively, they may have a chalkboard surface on which to write your own message. Many of our customers choose to use PVC posters in A-boards for their weatherproof benefits. 

A1 A Boards

A0 A Boards

Swinging Pavement Signs

A modern take on the pavement sign, this design incorporates a panel suspended by hooks on the top rail of the sign. This means they are suitable for windy conditions as the panel moves with the wind. They can have either a permanent printed message or pockets to display posters.